Ordinary SAMDDRA Membership for Individuals

For anyone interested in Electronic Communication Devices, or anyone wishing to become a SAMDDRA Member for professional reasons (Trade, Research, Education, Hobby, etc… ). The member will receive a qualified SAMDDRA Membership Card.

Membership Benefits

  • SAMDDRA Membership Card (Card fee not included in membership fee).
  • Professional Recognition, Validation and Status: it gives you credibility by belonging to a professional body ; Customers, Employers and business stakeholders will trust you more.
  • You can display your status as an Electronic Communication Devices professional in your place of business, on your website, on your business card and in business directories. It reassures customers that you are a qualified professional.
  • Participation in a collective voice for increased employment or business opportunities.
  • Shared interest or a common cause for purposes of influencing the public, government and policies.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to keep abreast with industry advances over time.
  • Advisory and assistance with industry related matters from peers, and from SAMDDRA and its stakeholders.
  • Business Networking platform for updated information, strategies and exchanges.
  • Increased abilities for performance excellence due to SAMDDRA’s need for accountability, quality of services rendered to the public.

R 850.00/yr